Thank you for visiting. Gian Smith is a well-renowned artist, but this would not be the case without your participation. To learn more about the artist please visit the Bio section. To hear some of his poetry go to the poems section and scroll through the dropbox to select a piece. Also available in the videos section are creative pieces brought to visual life. Check out Gian’s web series “open mike” based on New Orleans spoken word scene. Also make sure to keep up with G’s comings and goings in the news, photos and schedule section and read through his musings in the blog. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to subscribe. To contact Gian, please send emails to gian0@yahoo.com or add him via Twitter or Facebook in the Social section.

Watch the Trailer for Gian’s award winning short film ‘The Adulterer’


Hear all of Gian Smith’s music on Reverbnation. Click below to venture into his Reverb affiliate and be mesmerized by the gift of one of New Orleans’ finest! Click here to listen to “O Beautiful Storm” the piece that was featured on HBO’s Treme Season 2.

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  1. Ken Benau says:

    I just read your poem called “A poem for New Orleanians in the key of Hamlet called “That Is the Question”, and loved it. My daughter attends Tulane so they sent us stuff about celebrating Shakespeare’s 400th birthday, and there was a link to your poem. While I don’t understand all your associations to NO, ’cause I’ve only visited a few times, I understood many and more importantly get the spirit of your poem and think you are a great poet, and clearly a great poet of and for NO. So thank you for being the (a) voice of the true NO, the underbelly and the upperbelly. Well done.

    1. Gian Smith says:

      Thank you so much Ken. I take great pride in being able to speak on behalf of New Orleans so it means a lot to know that I represent us well. Your daughter is a wise person. Tulane is a great choice. Must have pretty smart parents 😉

      1. Ken Benau says:

        Just a quick reply before I meet with my next client… I’m a psychologist and psychotherapist. My daughter fell in love with Tulane, but she ALSO fell in love with New Orleans (as did her parents, who followed suit). So smart genes all around, I suppose ;))

  2. Ken Benau says:

    Just heard “Rolling Hills of Green and a White Picket Fence Called the American Dream”. Now I’m a true fan. Would you mind running for president? I’d be happy to contribute to your campaign. I’m guessing some other folks would too.

    1. Gian Smith says:

      Lol… Thanks. I’m not sure I’m the guy for that. But if the net guy needs a poetic translator I’m in!

      1. Ken Benau says:

        I think artists and poets would make way better presidents than politicians and lawyers, as evidenced by Vaclav Havel in the Czech Republic. But I accept you’re not ready to change professions… so I’ll live with “poetic translator-in-chief” ;))

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