Mademoiselle Mabry


Mabry came to me on a plane,


Like she didn’t want me to know she was there,

Until she settled in.

The comparative of Slick

She’s got ta be black

I would have given her my heart on the spot

If she would have left it for me.

But she has this way of getting to you

Before you even knew she was in your bloodstream.

She sneaks in just the way she leaves

So you love her the same

From the first moment to the last.

Smooth and deliberate, midstream

Mabry makes you move your head

In a bobbleneck sway.

Always trying to catch her

Slow groove.

She’s got ta be black.

How can something so simple

Fill you so sufficiently?

Her mood swings are subtle

You don’t even notice them til they’re almost over.

Mid-relationship you think she’s going to change.

You realize that it was just a little Mabry

To keep you on your toes

And you fall back in line right where she wants you

Cause her beat has never changed.

She’s got ta be black.

Like some wonderful acid trip

Miss Mabry does it all.

She is the Music in your ears and your eyes.

On summer nights she will smooth you out.

She is the variety that reminds you there are some surprises left.

You taste her music on your tongue and

It seduces your brain.

She’s the stability that makes you want to settle down

In the dead of winter you cozy to her in bed.

She’s got ta be black.

But you can’t keep her

Cause she belongs to the world

And you don’t know whether you’re coming or going

Cause she sneaks in just the way she leaves.

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